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Adam "Starkid" SpearsSometimes life falls into another plan. We live each day, breath after breath and make our plans while we get up in the mornings and continue working on our dreams with the belief that one day they will be achieved. This certainly was the case with Adam “Starkid” Spears, a multi talented youngster from Nacogdoches, Texas. However, Adam’s life tragically ended on July 30th, 2004 when a dump truck hit him with full force on the driver’s door in a car accident in Appleby, Texas, a small town just outside of Nacogdoches, less than a mile away from his house. It ended the life of a kind hearted and bright young man that was just on his way in fulfilling his own dreams….

It was 1985, the year in which Gorbachev became the new Soviet leader, the Rainbow Warrior sank due to a terrorist attack and the Los Angeles Lakers smashed the Boston Celtics. In Odessa, Texas another major event happened, Amy Spears gave birth to a son and named him Adam, which means “First Man”. Five years later Amy and Kendall Spears had another son called Will. This story is about Adam Spears aka Starkid, his alter ego for the music he made, a beautiful name with a sad story.

Adam learned to walk and talk before the age of 1, maintain conversations with adults by the time he was 5, a quick learner who dreamed out loud, inspired by bedtime stories such as “ Goodnight Moon”. Being short for his age he had to develop strategies when playing sports. He loved soccer and football and according to his brother, Adam had his own strategy by telling him that the point for him was to run like hell and not get hit by anyone. He looked like a dwarf compared to all the other team mates but would find his own solutions in his own fashionable manner.

Things became clearer for Adam when he was in 5th grade; his passion for music was very apparent and he started to branch out and explore different genres of music, inspired by his father and mother that fed him with Rock 80’s hair bands, heavy metal and later bigger influences such as Depeche Mode and The Cure. Adam loved and consumed all of it and digested it in its own way by creating his own brand of music with help of his keyboard and computer. Unfortunately his hands were too small to be able to play the guitar. A self taught musician without any knowledge of sheet music he was able to play everything by ear. At the age of 15 he moved from Longview, where he lived since he was 10 to Nacogdoches, Texas which was hard as he had finally found a small group of friends in Longview. It wasn’t long though that Adam found a new group of unique friends that inspired him and which he dearly loved and cherished, like any kid his age, his friends were very important to him.

Adam graduated high school in 2002, a year early at his age and began attending Stephen F. Austin University. His dream was to one day become an entertainment lawyer but he changed his major to Sociology after his freshman year. It was around that time also that he showed great talents with writing as his outlook on himself and the people around him was fresh and spot on. His cinematic style of writing is totally unique, like his music; pure melancholy, a layer of sadness with a happy melody on top. Sheer passion and innocence would drip though his music and stories. Music and Sociology were his first and second loves.

In 2002 Adam matured into a healthy adolescent; hormones would posses his mind like any other kid his age and he started going out. His days can be captured at his Xanga journal; his hilarious writing about every day life is recognizable for anybody his age. It would take Adam 1 sentence to convince anybody to keep reading, a gifted storyteller in a complete way just as his music was a true reflection of his thoughts and ideas. He managed to capture a fragile and haunting sound with his trademark “Starkid” sound, a melancholy melody floating melody on top of a warm bed of beats, sounds and cool bass lines, often enough to make every one reminisce with a smile. It was around that time where he made “Crayons” which set his name instantly. The analogue sound coming from his mind and computer made a huge impact as it was different, melodic, minimal and very fresh sounding. He had been working for a while on ideas and most of them would feature this cool analogue synthsound he often turned into melancholy melodies that would touch your heart and stomach at all the right buttons. “Crayons” was released through Canadian based “Release Records” and became a smashing underground hit that spread a wide variety of dj’s who all had their own reasons to play it out. Some say it was techno, others called it progressive and there were some who just called it beautiful music. It was just a bit of everything and soon he started making a name for himself as every major dj in the world started playing out this new kid on the block with his warm sound.

He didn’t rush things though, his plan for life was spread over the years to come and he kept working on songs, pushing his production skills and arrangements. “Crayons” was being used by Nick Warren on his Global Underground compilation “Reykjavik” and he worked on a 3 track EP for Dutch based Deep Records. His collaborations with Blake Jarrell were the only other songs produced that saw light of day. The song “Apricot” and the “33Rev mix” together with “Crayons” are the only songs that ever made an official release on vinyl, a big dream of his. Reading his journals, this piece stands out immediately when reading his Xanga journal….

“If you ever watched a record player play, just sat and watched the needle crush itself into the record, while the record spins, and sound bursts from the speakers, you’ve seen heaven on earth. Just watch it sometime, if you ever get the chance. Put your face against it, watch it turn; watch it jump on the bass hits, watch the quiet parts change slightly in color on the record. Know when it’s coming, before its coming. Knowing when it’s going to stop. You can learn a lot from a song by looking at it.”

In the months that followed after his “Crayons” release he managed to work on new material, meanwhile letting everybody in on his personal life through his journals. There was just something about him if he would enter your life through his music or his words. His message was pure and simple, like his immortal phrase “I love life, a lot. A whole lot!” He understood the power of a written word, understood the emotional content of a simple melody line and by using these tools he was destined to do bigger things with his talents till the day he stepped into somebody else’s plan on July 30th 2004 that forced him to become one with his Alter Ego “ Starkid”.

Therefore, in many ways this biography is an unfinished love story about someone that was gifted with several talents that all combined touched people’s hearts. His words and music reflect an old soul in a young man’s body as he spoke about innocence and compassion, about the beauty of life in all its splendor and about dreams yet to be fulfilled. If you are interested and curious enough to read about his dreams and thoughts then don’t hesitate and explore his Xanga journals or listen to his music. There’s something for everybody if you’re like Adam, looking through his Starkid eyes while listening to Goodnight Moon for the first time and realize it could be a real world, his world or even your world….What happened to Adam could happen to everybody so don’t forget to make the most of everyday, just like Adam did….

“Hi I'm Adam. I hope some day people will write biographies about me and how I always did the neatest things. I'm sort of famous, kind of famous. I love life, a lot. A whole lot….”

Written by Peter van Hal
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